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Our Mission

Maturing believers, Raising leaders and Impacting cities.

Maturing believers to:

  • Gather and make disciples
  • Increase their understanding of the Word
  • Recognise their place in the Kingdom of God
  • Understand God’s ultimate plan for mankind
  • Identify and deploy their gifts
  • Serve their community and humanity in general
  • Create an understanding of true worship
  • Empower people to succeed in life

Raising Leaders to:

  • Identify potential leaders
  • Train, mentor and equip leaders
  • Enable and facilitate leaders
  • Deploy leaders into active service
  • Build, facilitate, release and empower church  growth

Impacting Cities to:

  • Build locally and nationally
  • Create church unity across denominations
  • Set up projects that take care of the:
    • Community
    • Elderly
    • Drug addicts
    • Offenders/Ex-Offenders
    • Youth
    • Children